57774908_2207148779371065_4037429138397593600_nWho hasn’t read the “Infinity” or “the Lonely Sparrow” at school since childood? Which one of you, reading “Saturday in the village”, has not imagined that little village where “they make happy noise?”

Known all over the world as the birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi, Recanati is actually a tourist place where you can breath (and read) every word of the famous poet in every corner of the town. Dropped on an ermo hill and located right in the center of the Marche, halfway between the hinterland and the coast; it can be rightly called as “city balcony”, thanks to the spectacular panorama that offers.

Despite the relatively small size of the town, the number of monuments and places to visit are truly remarkable. Starting from Palazzo Leopardi, which houses a library of great value with more than 20 thousand books. Not to be missed is also the summit of Mount Tabor, the Colle dell’Infinito, from which Leopardi took inspiration to write, at the age of just twenty-one, the masterpiece “Infinito”.

Not far away, there is the World Centre of Poetry and Culture, the Tower of the Lonely Sparrow inside the courtyard of the cloister of Sant’Agostino and the house of Leopardi’s mother, Palazzo Antici Mattei. On the other hand, we cannot forget to mention the Centro Nazionale Studi Leopardiani (Leopardian National Studies Centre), which represents the world reference point for all the initiatives dedicated to the poets.

57467811_780918255635847_2048925989781635072_nWalking through the streets you can breathe literature, you can retrace the poems that we unwittingly carry in our personal baggage. On each wall are written the verses of different poems, as to form a path that leads to the discovery of the city. As if it were Leopardi himself who showed you the way to admire and appreciate his Recanati.

Not only Leopardi, but also the famous opera singer Beniamino Gigli was born here, in Recanati: a land where, clearly, you can breathe art.

Our advice:

If you plan to visit Recanati you can think of spending half a day to visit the village and the residence of Leopardi.

Super recommended ice-cream shop a few steps from the main attraction, but also the best of all Recanati: The corner of the ice-cream (good prices and great ice-cream for a sweet snack after an afternoon walk!).


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